What is Nepal Shirt?
Nepal shirt is simple. We make you an amazing hand made white shirt with #NepalShirt embroidered on the cuff. All of the construction will be done in Nepal, so providing work to the local people and all of the profits will go to help Nepal. 
What is the end goal?
The mission of Nepal shirt is to get everyone in the world an amazing hand made white shirt, and by doing so help Nepal recover and rebuild as a country. We can all help Nepal be prosperous. Everybody needs a white shirt. So please get yours and together we'll help Nepal. If we are able to sell 40,000 we would raise £1m. If we were lucky enough to sell 1,000,000 shirts we would raise £25m for Nepal.
Why did Nepal Shirt start?
Om Yogi, and his team in Nepal have been tailoring in Nepal since 2006. When the Earthquake hit on 25th April 2015, he was lucky to survive it as were his family and team. However, it was clear that the local communities and the entire country needed help. They were desperately thinking of a way that their tailoring skills in Nepal, coupled with the good will of the people in the the rest of the world could be combined to do something that could really help. Nepal Shirt was born.
Where does it get made?
Nepal Shirt makes all of its shirts in Kathmandu by the A Suit That Fits team in Sinamangal, Kathmandu.
How long will it take to get my shirt?
We will deliver your shirt as soon as we can. You will always need an amazing white shirt, and our team in Nepal will send it to you as soon as we are able to. The first 1000 will be delivered in less than 8 weeks, the next 10000, within 3 months. Any more than that will be over 3 months. However, we will send you your hand made shirt, and Nepal will be so grateful for the money and the work that your order has provided. We will also be incredibly grateful for your patience in receiving it. 
How obvious / discreet is the shirt logo on the cuff? 
#NepalShirt will be embroidered on the cuff. The embroidery is done in white so is discreet, but noticeable enough if you choose to share it.
How many man-hours does it take to make my shirt?
Your shirt has to be cut by a tailor and stitched by a specialist stitcher. The whole process takes around 5 man hours. If we are lucky enough to sell many, you will be contributing to ongoing employment in Nepal now and in the future. 
Why is this important?
Not only will all of the profits immediately be sent to help Nepal but also the ongoing work to Nepal will provide sustainable revenue which will in turn give Nepal confidence in rebuilding.
Where do the profits go?
100% of profits from Nepal shirt go straight to immediate response in Nepal and then in to rebuilding projects in Nepal.
How much of my order value is profit?
The profit produced from each shirt is about 50% of the order value depending on the shipping location of the customer. Each shirt is made in Nepal, therefore the cost of production is also providing employment in Nepal.
Is making shirts a priority for Nepal right now?
Making shirts is clearly not the most important thing in Nepal right now. However, the profits created will immediately go to the causes in Nepal with the most critical need. Not only this, but when Nepal is ready and has the capacity to tailor your shirt, the ongoing work it will have for the coming weeks, months and years will be so important for employment and the confidence of the people in rebuilding. 
Do you ship all over the world?
We will ship your shirt all over the world wherever you are.