Trip to Chattre Deaurali Village Development Committee-5, Dhading

June 05, 2015 Om Yogi

Hello everyone,

I have attached a video of our recent visit to badly affected areas. Every one in the affected areas look shocked and sad. Especially one of the family who was our first contact, had also lost their father (only death in the area). To help them feel better, we tried to crack a joke, and also sang a song and get them sing it along with us. The guy see holding copy in the video lost his father. He said they enjoyed the song. This is kind of morale, national song.

Here are also some pictures of NepalShirt team's visit to Chattre Deaurali Village Development Committe- 5, Dhading on 26th May.
We are so thankful to all our supporters who very kindly are buying Nepalshirt, recommending us to friends and encouraging us to go to more villages with support. Without them it would not have been possible, up to this scale.




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