Why Nepal Shirt started

May 01, 2015 Om Yogi


I am Om Yogi, the co-founder of Nepal Shirt. Nepal Shirt is simple. Everybody needs a white shirt. Your white shirt will be made in Nepal, with 100% of the profits going to help Nepal. Your white shirt will have a discreet #NepalShirt embroidered in white on the cuff.  By getting your Nepal Shirt, you will be helping Nepal immediately, and contributing to employment for weeks, months and hopefully years in the future. Please get your Nepal Shirt now. 

Why Nepal Shirt Started?

I am the local manager of a tailoring company based in Nepal. We have been tailoring in Nepal since 2006. When the Earthquake hit on 25th April 2015, I was lucky to survive it as were my family and team. However, it was clear that the local communities and the entire country needed our help. We were desperately thinking of a way that our tailoring skills in Nepal, coupled with the good will of the people in the UK, US and Europe could be combined to do something that could really help. Nepal Shirt was born. 

We can all help

If you buy your Nepal Shirt, you will not only be helping with the recovery efforts immediately, as 100% of the profits will go to help Nepal, but you will also be contributing to ongoing employment and rebuilding in the future. We will all appreciate your help so much. 

Just buying one shirt means you will have bought someone a tent to live in, or a basic supply such as bottled water and medical aid. 

If we are able to sell 40,000 we would raise £1m. If we were lucky enough to sell 2,000,000 shirts we would raise £50m for Nepal. 

Everyone needs a white shirt, there must be a million people out there who need one. 

Please help Nepal in our time of need.  

Thank you so much for your support, 

Om Yogi

Nepal Shirt co-founder and A Suit That Fits Nepal local manager


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